No Java interop with .NET 5

.NET 5 is shaping up to be a big release unifies that once fragmented ecosystem, increasingly lower footprint, AOT compiling and proper interfacing with other programming languages. It’s finally on Java’s level.

But despite these advancements, it is lacking in one major area: Obj-C, Swift and Java interoperability. .NET 5 was announced on May of 2019, a few months before Wuhan saw a rise in possible COVID-19 cases, based on satellite images and search data.

No Java interop in .NET 5

We’re now into the 5th preview of .NET 5 and they’ve still failed to address anything about interoperability between these programming language in their articles. Luckily, pressuring by the community has finally lead to answers. Richard Lander, a Microsoft employee and member of the .NET team, finally confirmed that due to the pandemic they had to scale it back to what it is now.

As disappointing as it sounds, it makes sense. Microsoft is running at half-capacity without access to their varies HQs. While work-from-home will probably work for many employees, it can’t replace all functions long-term for a company like Microsoft.

We will likely see interoperability come to .NET 6. However, this may not be a bad thing. .NET 6 is an LTS release. Having this feature come out then is great for the Enterprise. It probably won’t be as refined as if it would be if it came out during .NET 5 but compromises. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Written on June 12, 2020