Swift (finally) coming to Windows

Apple is a company that I continue to have mixed feelings for. I love their focus on design and user experience but I hate how locked their ecosystem is. I’ve always wanted to program for them, in spite of this fact, but the price tag for a Mac is hard to justify, and Objective-C sucks. Then Apple introduced the Swift programming language as an alternative, it went open source with Linux support and eventually Apple openly recommended it over Obj-C.

Compared to Rust, Swift is a programming language that I actually have a personal preference for. I have nothing against Rust, I’ve used it for a few projects and actively contribute to the ecosystem. But… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m not going to go into the justification because to each their own.

But I still come back to Windows. Support for it has been on the back burner since Swift was open sourced. That’s the only thing keeping me from using it as a daily driver. Then 5.3 was announced:

Swift 5.3 is a release meant to include significant quality and performance enhancements. In addition, this release will expand the number of platforms where Swift is available and supported, notably adding support for Windows and additional Linux distributions.

Swift 5.3 branch was created in late April and went into the final stages near the end of May, according to varies articles. I suspect we’ll see the new update drop by August or November with Xcode 12.

Written on July 29, 2020