Macs moves to ARM

Apple moving away from Intel on their Macs has been a rumor going around for a long while now. I’ve kinda ignored the rumors because I haven’t had a Mac since early 2010s. That changed when I got a Mac Mini and have had interest in learning Swift again. So Apple moving to ARM started to raise my eyebrow a little more.

Unsurprisingly, another Apple rumor turned out to be true. My speculation for why they moved to ARM comes down to Meltdown exploit and Intel’s recent lack of innovation. Obviously the fact that they want 100% control of the experience is also a key factor as mentioned in their keynote.

I’m pretty mixed - as always. Not fond of the ever increasing control over the ecosystem but the price tag for Macs will likely lower I suspect. The Developer Transition Kit (DTK) is a Mac Mini with their new desktop ARM processor and is only $500. Compared to the current Intel Minis that has a $800 starting price. The last DTK was $900. In theory, that means the consumer models could be a lot more cheaper. In which case, I’d likely get it.

Written on July 29, 2020